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What DSS does not want you to know

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Bush and Cheney Indicted?
Journalist Greg Szymanski called
called the prosecuter's office and
their response was "no comment."
If this was all totally made up
they would certainly distance
themselves from it and not
leave it open.
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South Carolina Federal Prison
Abu Ghraib Right Here
In South Carolina
Federal Prison, Says
Abused Inmate
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The Real Ayman al-Zawahiri
Strangely enough, according
to January 2000 U.S.
Congressional testimony,
al-Zawahiri was granted U.S.
residence by the Immigration
and Naturalization Service
Something almost impossible
for many legitimate immigrants
to obtain.
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US TROOPS under NATO command.
ISAF spokesman Riccardo
Cristoni said most
American troops who stay
in Afghanistan after NATO
takes responsibility for
security nationwide would
come under NATO command.
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Please Remember South
Carolina's Fallen Heroes
of this CONFLICT!
We support our troops..
We don't support this
home now!
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Guardsman in Iraq
Punished Over Blog Post
While deployed in Iraq,
Leonard Clark has
been speaking out
against the war and
recently announced his
intentions to run for office.
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'Exercises'Took Place
at Same Time as Real
7/7/05 London Underground
Bombing Attack!
Culpability cover scenario
echoes 9/11 wargames!
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Supreme Court justice
faces boot from home?
Developer wants
'Lost Liberty Hotel'
built upon property
of Supreme Court
Justice David Souter.
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FBI trawls libraries for
terrorist readers
US law enforcement
agencies have made
more than 200
requests for
information about borrowers
from libraries since
September 11.
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Alex Jones predicted
9/11 attack BEFORE
it happened.
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ACM may have
moved back to
Grand Rapids, but
"South Carolinians for
Responsible Government,"
a front group for
the Illinois-based
"Legislative Education
Action Drive,"
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What SCRG isn't telling you!
Get the facts
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Milwaukee, Wisconsin School Choice Program
In the Milwaukee program,
there has been no evaluation
required for the last
seven years, so
data is sketchy.
However, many cases
of fraud by the
receiving schools have
been documented
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South Carolina DSS - What SC DSS does not want you to know

Note: Nothing we say or post is intended to be legal advice and is distributed for the informational purposes only. It is not intended to be, and does not constitute the giving of legal advice. For more information about the laws and regulations in this state please contact your own attorney. Every one needs to read this site's page.  It is pretty accurate! 

DSS in the news: "Dee Burdick of Lake Saint Louis is among those who has had to decide whether the loss of the state payments will keep her and her husband from adopting a set of three siblings. Burdick said she probably wouldn't have started the process of adopting three children at once if she knew the subsidies were going to be cut." 

Parents - If you are one of many families, which have had your child(ren) falsely kidnapped by the State, you need to know the following: YOUR CHILD IS PAYING SOMEONE ELSE'S BILLS!  YOUR CHILD IS MONEY!

bullet"REGULAR DSS BOARD PAYMENT to foster and adoptive families for your kidnapped child(ren) is: $312.00 a month for each child age 0-5; and
$339.00 a month for each child age 6-12; and 
$405.00 a month for each child age 13-21.
bulletThis does not include the "Accelerated Board Payments" they can obtain! $525.00, $820.00, and up to $2,000.00. The Adoptive parents have to "Barter or Broker" the financial terms to adopt.  DSS asks the Adoptive Families, "How much money they need in order to take care of this child a month.  DSS tell this to the families prior to the Adoption worker coming out to their homes, so they can keep their funding.  All they have to do is tell them, "The same amount of money we are receiving as foster parents to said child"! However, families adopting "Special Needs" children have up to $2,000.00 medical subsidies a year, and can apply for more, but DSS doesn't like to pay it, and rarely approves them, even though DSS receives "FEDERAL FUNDS" for this!  The physical year funding starts over every year on the Childs birthday.  DSS tells parents there are no respite monies available, even though there is up to $500.00 available each year for medical subsidies for respite, per child!   Just who and what is DSS working for?  What are they doing with this money?  Until the budget cuts, the respite money used to be unlimited.  Used to be the $2000.00 medical subsidies could be used entirely used on respite.  Now they say only $500.00, but say there is none! Hmmmm.  There are severely handicapped children that are entitled to $2000.00 of medical subsidies for equipment, which is related to their multiple diagnosis and handicaps, but DSS is holding their prescriptions and medical subsidies on their desk to attemt to avoid paying out the $2000.00 each year.  They attempt to hold the funds past the child's birthday, to only pay out $2000.00 every 2 years and not every year.  Adoption Subsidies Agreement, DSS Form 3052, Medical Benefits.  Eligibility is based on IVE Adoption Assistance.   Your child actually funds DSS with Federal money that they don't like to spend where it is supposed to go.  Why are they holding up all these claims on their desk, when each equipment is less than $500.00 each?  We need to take a real hard look at what DSS is doing with our State and Federal funds they are obtaining, but not paying out to the handicapped as well!  
bulletMost of us know families with 4 of these kidnapped children in their homes! 
bulletI know a family which receives $1,341.00 every single month!  Another family receives more than $1,527.00, which does not include the accelerated board payments they also receive.
bulletGET AN ATTORNEY ASAP!  No matter what DSS tells you... YOU NEED AN ATTORNEY TO KEEP DSS OFFICIALS, WHICH ARE NOT ATTORNEYS, from abusing your legal rights! e.g.: coercive statements and tactics used by a few unnamed DSS officials. (I personally have another name in mind to call it!)
bulletIf DSS is able to keep you from getting your child (ren) back in a short period of time - START PAYING CHILD SUPPORT INTO THE COUNTY, WHICH HAS TAKEN YOUR CHILD (REN), even if the Judge has not ordered you to do so yet. (AND IT WILL BE ORDERED) (If they won't accept your child support, without a court order, get it in writing! The judge needs proof you care about and want your child (ren).  (I have placed this here, do to a "hear say" incident of a judge ordering child support, then a DSS official encouraging a parent not to pay anything until the next hearing, which would allow for a amending to the current order. (If a judge had given an order, I would do what the order mandates, not what the DSS worker tries to get you to do.  Why you ask?  Because this is one of the ways DSS gets your parental rights taken from you, even if you are innocent of all false allegations! It is called - Non-Support for 6 months or more! 
bulletThe biggest shocker of all and what EVERY Parent needs to know is this:  The number one tactic DSS uses for terminating your parental rights is:  KEEP YOUR CHILD IN THE SYSTEM FOR 15 MONTHS!  Yes, you heard me right!  DSS uses what they call the "TREATMENT PLAN".  They get the parents to sign forms, (COERCION IN ALL THE CASES I HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF) and drag it out for 15 months.  The parent usually fails to meet it and then the Judge orders in favor of DSS, based on the 15 months your child (ren) have been in the system.  I call it the poor family victimization of not being able to afford an attorney.  After 15 months of DSS red tape, constant "Treatment plan" after "Treatment Plan" barrage, the parent usually gives up or realizes they are not going to get their child back without an attorney, which they could not afford in the first place.  You only get an attorney appointed to you if you are facing criminal charges.  Non criminal child abductions by the STATE is the issue at hand here.
bulletAdoptive Parents receive the same amount of money for your kidnapped child(ren) that the Foster Parents received when the child(ren) were just in foster care. YES, You are reading this correctly! Your child is money!  Foster parents and Adoptive parents get paid no matter what!  In South Carolina, the "REGULAR DSS BOARD PAYMENT IS: $312.00 a month for each child age 0-5; and
$339.00 a month for each child age 6-12; and 
$405.00 a month for each child age 13-21.
bulletThis does not include the "Accelerated Board Payments" they can obtain!
bulletMost of us know families with 4 of these kidnapped children in their homes! 

 The Foster parent does not loose a dime when they adopt your child!  It only saves the State the additional money and costs incurred, while the child is in foster care! This is the reason why DSS works so hard to terminate your parent rights!  In short: A child in foster care costs the STATE more money than a child that they can get adopted.  How you ask?  Simple!  As long as the child is in foster care, the State has to pay the foster parent the basic "Board payment", all medical expenses for the child(ren), travel expenses of Foster parents, case workers, attorney fee's, mental health, Guardian Ad Litem,  ect....  Once the child is adopted, DSS no longer has to provide monthly child visits, supervise child-family visitations, mental health, ect.  Less resourses and money used.  The DSS funding just saved a ton of money. (Opposed to keeping the child in foster care for years.)  Follow the money - I always say!

bulletIn 1997, Congress passed the Adoption and Safe Families Act a provision intended to expedite the removal of endangered children from perilous living conditions. Additionally, it provided financial incentives to states to encourage them to find adoptive or other permanent homes for foster children, especially those with special needs.
Under the "Adoption Incentive Payment" section of the act, a state can receive as much as $4,000 for adopting out a child. Under a subsequent provision, technical assistance is offered "through grants or contracts…to assist states and local communities to reach their targets for increased numbers of adoptions." This financial assistance can be used to expedite the termination of parental rights and "encourage the fast tracking of children who have not attained 1 year of age into pre-adoptive placements." Technical assistance is also appropriated to the courts to the tune of a whopping $5,000,000 for each fiscal year.
Most applaud the spirit of the law, to move children from foster homes into permanent adoptive placements thus establishing a greater level of stability. But the obvious danger is that the very governing state agency entrusted with protecting children from dangerous environments and working with parents to reunite their families, is also given fat bonuses by the federal government if they push to terminate parental rights and increase their adoption numbers. The counter productive potential of the kick-backs 
bulletA recent DSS training session enacted the training of an entry to a persons home technique.  It is as follows:  A family takes their child to the emergency room for a broken arm.  The family leaves the hospital after the child has received treatment.  Within 24 hours, DSS comes to the family door.  DSS is claiming they do not need a warrant to enter the home, based on the suspected abuse report made by the hospital.  The parents refuse entry.  DSS calls the police for assistance.  The police claim they do not need a warrant because the hospital made the report.  (Now you need to call your attorney on this one, but I have to ask, "If the hospital believed there is abuse, a broken limb at that-bodily injury-a.k.a. excessive force argument -criminal assault- why did they allow the child to leave in the first place?; and Why didn't the ER call the police and DSS to come to the hospital? (We all know the police can get a hold of a DSS worker 24/7); and "If the hospital felt it was not urgent enough to call the police and DSS while the family is in the emergency room, then why is it now an probable cause emergency, that does not require any warrant to enter the private home?"  Children break their bones every day.  Is DSS now saying, "If your child breaks a bone, without any information to support abuse outside a broke bone, and you take your child to the emergency room, the hospital is not to call an official to the ER to investigate, but send the child home and ask questions later?"  Now seems to me, if the hospital believed this to be an abuse case and they sent the child home anyway, wouldn't the hospital be liable and chargeable (Reckless endangerment of a minor to say the least) for knowingly placing the so called, suspected "probable cause "EMERGENCY" investigation entry" child back into life, health and limb, danger?"  I have heard of some wacky DSS training techniques to teach officials how to obtain entry into the homes of citizens without first obtaining an warrant, but this one tops the charts! I'm not positive, but I know a good attorney can help provide the legal answer to this one.  I would be curious to learn if any official would be held to  (Calabretta v. Floyd 189 F.3d (808 (9th Cir. 1999.) Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242
Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law
) using this one. Please note: I fully believe in protecting a child.  However, I firmly believe in 

"A parent's right to the custody of his/her children is an element of "liberty" guaranteed by the 5th amendment and the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution." Metter of Gentery 369 NW 2d 889, MI App Div (1983).

"The parent child relationship is a liberty interest protected by the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment." Bell V City of Milwaukee, 746 f2d 1205, 1242-45; US Ct Ap 7th Cir WI (1985)

"The US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit held that the parent-child relationship is a constitutionally protected liberty interest. (See -Declaration of Independence - life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution - No state can deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law nor deny any person the equal protection of the laws)" Kelson v Springfield, 767 F2d651;US Ct App 9th Cir, (1985)

"State Judges, as well as federal, have the responsibility to respect and protect persons from violations of federal constitutional rights." Gross V State of Illinois, 312 F 2d 257, (1963) The Constitution also protects "the individual interest in avoiding disclosure of personal matters." Federal Courts (and State Courts) under Griswold can protect, under the "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" phrase of the Declaration of Independence, the right of a man to enjoy the mutual care, company, love and affection of his children, and this cannot be taken away from him without due process of law. There is a family right to privacy which the state cannot invade or it becomes actionable for civil rights damages. Griswold v Connecticut, 381 US 479, (l965)

And of course: Calabretta v. Floyd 189 F.3d (808 (9th Cir. 1999.) Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242
Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law) 

Note: Nothing we say or post is intended to be legal advice and is distributed for the informational purposes only. It is not intended to be, and does not constitute the giving of legal advice. For more information about the laws and regulations in this state please contact your own attorney.

Foster Parents -

bulletDSS likes to get you to supervise and transport family visitations of the foster child.  I am informed of the following:  The foster parent only has to transport the child to medical appointments and to DSS personally.  DSS is required to transport and oversee all parental visitations.  You do not have to have any foster child's family in your home.  You do not have to come into any contact with the foster child's family!  Further, you do not have to change your weekend or Holliday plans without a court order!  ("A Judge as a curtsey will ask a foster parent if they mind first - before issuing such an order"  Further, if DSS say they have such an order, you have the right to see and review such order!) DSS can not call you up and tell you, "DSS has scheduled  a "NON-COURT ORDERED" visitation  on Christmas Eve  - (spur of the moment) - with your foster child and the foster child's grand parents and you have to oblige the transsition without any DSS official present. Further, you have to meet the grandmother at Oak Brook Wal-Mart at 6:00pm." NOTE: If DSS wants to make arrangements such as this, I suggest you call your local police department.  Ask the officer to contact your case worker and the "after hours worker-police can always contact DSS 24/7", which will be forced to come and supervise the "Non-Court Ordered visitation switch.  Anyone can call you up on the phone and claim they are DSS.  Note the case incident as of December 24, 2004! It is DSS, which made the arrangement and DSS's responsibility to be present for all visitation transfers and the like of the children they have mandated by the courts with the custody and care of.  Police officers do not give out their home address to the criminals they arrest for the criminal to find them or come and retaliate.  A foster parents home should not be known to the foster child(ren) family for possible abduction or harassment!  Further, if the foster parent supervises a child visitation switch without a DSS worker present and the child is not returned or returned safely, it falls on the foster parent(s) head!  I am leaving out the DSS protection excuses they could use to cover their tails as well.
bulletFoster parents are not required to give out their address, telephone or other personal information to the foster child(ren) family.  Shame on any DSS employee that leads foster parents to believe they must give up their vital and confidential information.
bulletShame on any DSS employee that leads foster parents into believing that foster parents must supervise visitations, that foster parents must provide transport to family visitations, hold visitations in their homes, or must meet, see or have anything to do with the families at all.  Foster parent families have confidentiality rights!  The foster family did not have their children removed from their home.  They committed no abuse.  They are not required to give up their rights and privacy to put a roof over the foster children's head!  They do not have to disrupt their entire life to pacify the family, which has had their child removed, nor can DSS make them without a court order from the Family Court Judge!  No wonder good foster homes are turning in their foster licenses.  SHAME on DSS!  (This is just a small piece of the information known at this time.)  
bulletGuardian Ad Litem's can not transport a foster child either. (I am putting this here, due to another incident of a Guardian Ad Litem calling a foster parent and stating, "I am coming to take the foster child to stay in my home this weekend!") It is also shocking to note on another incident: Is it common practice for a Guardian Ad Litem to meet with a foster child and state the following to said foster child (In this order), "I am scared for your safety in your current foster home.  I'm afraid for your safety in the foster home.  I am worried about your safety in your foster home."  Then ask the foster child,  "Do you feel safe in your foster home?"  Now shouldn't the foster child have been questioned in a manner such as this:  "Do you feel safe in your foster home?"  Then allow the child to respond with his or her answer, which might lead the Guardian Ad Litem to believe the child is unsafe, prior to making the Guardian Ad Litem statements, "I am scared for your safety in your current foster home.  I'm afraid for your safety in the foster home.  I am worried about your safety in your foster home."?  (The foster child responded, "I feel safe", even after the Guardian Ad Litem's questionable investigation method.)
bulletBe very cautious of DSS workers telling you to place your foster child with a specific Respite Care provider.  Any foster care family knows of one or two such DSS  Respite care provider(s) which has a high rate of non returned foster children or false reports being made on the foster family, once the child or children have been in such RESPITE CARE providers home.  (It is privately called and joked about among many foster and former foster families as the "Respite foster/adoption child mafia ring or Respite foster/adoption child brokerage firm.") I know of one very publicized (It was in the press) instance of a HEAD County DSS official taking an over seas trip with a foster parent.) 
bulletAnd another "no big shocker" - Certain implications and beliefs of political racism placement issues, when dealing with foster child placements.  (I can not publicize the implicating information without all you know what breaking loose!  None the less, very factual and well known to many current and former foster homes.

There is a long list list of documentation not listed on this page.  I am looking forward to seeing if DSS gets their act together anytime soon, now that I have placed this little bit of information here.  If not, maybe this will put everyone on an even playing field!

There will be a very comprehensive informational website coming soon-Thanks to former foster parent association leaders, current and former foster parents, former foster children, and many others not listed.  We are doing this in the hopes of limiting the number of false abductions of DSS children, false DSS information to both biological and foster parents, to force DSS to only abduct actual abused children, limit DSS's abuse of the system, reduce the number of "Good" foster homes from turning in their licenses, and stop the brokerage of innocent children -Many foster families know exactly what this section is talking about (see above)!

Ann Ashley - Adult Survivor and Child Victim of the foster and adoptive system from age 6-17. (To the person that laughed at the DSS foster child, when said child mentioned my name, do you still believe I do not know what I am talking about, understand how the DSS system works or know what exactly is going on in DSS?"  p.s., I am still waiting for the local DSS office to return my calls.  Columbia DSS called me back 3 months ago! Everything on this page is compiled from "MULTIPLE" "CURRENT and FORMER DSS foster homes, which I know personally or do not know personally, but have contacted me at "MY HOME" for support"

with SUPPORT to the ACTUAL

p.s. "Ask DSS to tell you exactly how much money they are awarded by "ALL"  "paying entities/organizations!  

The More They Take, the More They Make

A recent federal law actually establishes adoption quotas for each state, with bonuses for each child adopted out, and even more money for every child adopted exceeding the quota. ‘Special needs' children earn even more, both during the ‘lease' period and at the final ‘sale'. A researcher in one state found that a severely needy child can earn its masters up to $250,000 a year in government money. We are still awaiting the figures for the Commonwealth, but the state budget for the DSS alone is over half a billion dollars, not including the money for lots of outside contractors and medical care.

DSS in the news

Baby died under DSS WATCH!

A social worker in Delaware is accused of striking a deal with her boyfriend in which she agreed not to reveal that he allegedly raped her 15-year-old daughter.  Authorities say the two agreed she wouldn't turn him in as long he paid her $1000 a-month for ten years.


Unlike North Carolina, South Carolina keeps case reviews secret when children die after contact with the Social Services Department, making it nearly impossible to know whether the agency is making mistakes. 12-year-old Amanda Cope was dead by November, her father accused of raping and strangling her in the middle of the night.


"A sworn affidavit by witness Gaston County Patrol Officer Jeannette Seagle states that "there was no need for the removal of the children."
South Carolina apparently got gold fever and joined the rush as well. The Charlotte World also reported in a feature, Christian Family Ripped Apart that "with virtually no warning, the Greenville Department of Social Services came into Bill and Debbie Rettew's home, removed 15 of their 18 children and placed them in foster homes." The family, which was so talented and exemplary that Bill Rettew was named Father of the Year, (an honor reportedly bestowed by the South Carolina Attorney General), and invited to appear on Focus on the Family to meet Founder and president Dr. James Dobson and sing on his weekly radio broadcast. And while such an excessive seizure begs countless questions, in light of the federal incentives the internal dynamics of the Rettew family shed no small light on the subject. As the Charlotte World explains: "Having given birth to Will and Autumn, now 32 and 24, the Rettews felt strongly that it was their Christian mission to care for children others might not want. So they became foster parents and eventually adopted multi-racial kids and children with medical problems. Every one of their adopted 18 have physical, emotional or mental disabilities. The reasons the children were taken into DSS custody remain unclear since Family Court Judge Amy Sutherland placed a gag order on the Rettews and DSS officials, prohibiting them from discussing the case."

Krystal was one of five foster children killed in South Carolina foster homes between February 1991 and January 1992. The deaths were first reported in a series of stories in The Charlotte Observer in early 1993.

Note: Nothing we say or post is intended to be legal advice and is distributed for the informational purposes only. It is not intended to be, and does not constitute the giving of legal advice. For more information about the laws and regulations in this state please contact your own attorney.

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What DSS does not want you to know

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Note: Nothing we say or post is intended to be legal advice and is distributed for the informational purposes only. It is not intended to be, and does not constitute the giving of legal advice. For more information about the laws and regulations in this state please contact your own attorney.

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