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Site listing Fallen Heroes from South Carolina in this Iraq and Afghanistan conflict, which is not a DECLARED WAR by Congress!

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Bush and Cheney Indicted?
Journalist Greg Szymanski called
called the prosecuter's office and
their response was "no comment."
If this was all totally made up
they would certainly distance
themselves from it and not
leave it open.
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South Carolina Federal Prison
Abu Ghraib Right Here
In South Carolina
Federal Prison, Says
Abused Inmate
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The Real Ayman al-Zawahiri
Strangely enough, according
to January 2000 U.S.
Congressional testimony,
al-Zawahiri was granted U.S.
residence by the Immigration
and Naturalization Service
Something almost impossible
for many legitimate immigrants
to obtain.
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US TROOPS under NATO command.
ISAF spokesman Riccardo
Cristoni said most
American troops who stay
in Afghanistan after NATO
takes responsibility for
security nationwide would
come under NATO command.
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Please Remember South
Carolina's Fallen Heroes
of this CONFLICT!
We support our troops..
We don't support this
home now!
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Guardsman in Iraq
Punished Over Blog Post
While deployed in Iraq,
Leonard Clark has
been speaking out
against the war and
recently announced his
intentions to run for office.
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'Exercises'Took Place
at Same Time as Real
7/7/05 London Underground
Bombing Attack!
Culpability cover scenario
echoes 9/11 wargames!
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Supreme Court justice
faces boot from home?
Developer wants
'Lost Liberty Hotel'
built upon property
of Supreme Court
Justice David Souter.
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FBI trawls libraries for
terrorist readers
US law enforcement
agencies have made
more than 200
requests for
information about borrowers
from libraries since
September 11.
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Alex Jones predicted
9/11 attack BEFORE
it happened.
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ACM may have
moved back to
Grand Rapids, but
"South Carolinians for
Responsible Government,"
a front group for
the Illinois-based
"Legislative Education
Action Drive,"
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What SCRG isn't telling you!
Get the facts
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Milwaukee, Wisconsin School Choice Program
In the Milwaukee program,
there has been no evaluation
required for the last
seven years, so
data is sketchy.
However, many cases
of fraud by the
receiving schools have
been documented
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Free Educational Online Video Documentaries

Loose Change
Loose Change by Dylan Avery This amazing new 9/11 documentary analyses the physical evidence of the attacks and asks whether a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon, if controlled demolition brought down the trade towers, and if there were any hijackers at all.
Bush flipping the Bird? Hmmmm... How "CHRISTIAN" is that? 
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Broad Band
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Dial Up
Click to download
Broad Band
Click to download
Dial Up
Found at:
Keeping It In The Family: The Bushes and the Nazis Journalist John Buchanan discusses how his research led him to uncover the deep and historical ties between the Bush family and the Nazi war machine. Buchanan's endeavors led to highly respected newspapers such as the London Guardian covering the story. Found at:
Click to download
Broad Band
Click to download
Dial Up
Click to download
Broad Band
Click to download
Dial Up
Welcome to the MARTIAL LAW 911: RISE OF THE POLICE STATE Information Resource Companion Web Site.
This web site is intended for use as an information resource tool for those who have seen this new Alex Jones documentary film and wish to dig deeper into the voluminous amounts of information, facts and evidence that are presented during the film.
American Dictators - Watch 40 minutes of 90 minutes, Documenting the staged Election of 2004
Unarmed And Wounded POW Shot In The Head By U.S. Marine
This video contains course language,
disturbing images of dead bodies in the aftermath of combat and graphic images of a man being shot dead.  ( No Download needed)
"I Was Tortured"
By Sister Dianna Ortiz, OSU 
Sister Ortiz relates her personal experiences and tell us that U.S. personnel were present in interrogation and torture rooms,” in Guatemala in 1989 when she was kidnapped, taken to a secret prison and repeatedly raped and tortured by troops commanded by General Hector Gramajo (a CIA asset and graduate of the U.S. Army School of the Americas). ( No Download needed)
Take No Prisoners
Another proud moment in U.S. Military History.
U.S. Marines execute an Iraqi to the cheers of fellow marines
This video should only be viewed by a mature audience 
( No Download needed)

Another eye-opener for people open to the truth.  This video was made by the "Media Education Foundation" and is in full support and confirmation of our Article "Right From The Horse's Mouth" written back in December!  This video was found on Information Clearing House's Web Site.  See for yourself the Brazen domination bend of the current leadership of America. (1 hour) ( No Download needed)

An Aerial Assault in Iraq. This video is astounding!  To watch American military personnel sit up in a plane and use bombs to kill men on the ground running down streets is just sickening!  Will you be able to deem this a holy mission after watching this?  (10 minutes) (Just click on the play button!  No Download required!)

The John Perkins Story.  John Perkins was recruited by the American government to participate in the quiet, behind the scenes, economical take over of a majority of the countries in the world.  As an "Economic Hit Man" John lured poor countries into taking massive loans from the world bank to rebuild its countries, there by placing them in slavery to the American lackeys running that institution, there by securing for themselves a place of absolute hegemony in those lands!  Hear John's testimony of his involvement, and what he and his cohorts did.  (1 hour interview) (No Download required!)

A documentary on the War in Iraq. Yet again another witness to the stirring lies and deceit that is now being supported and hailed by the Christian body and leadership, as a Godly mission! (1 Hour) (No Download required!)

911 Road to Tyranny

Masters of Terror Documentary


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